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Following its complete Y2K success, Presto Print, Inc. conducted rigorous ‘Year 3000’ testing on Apr 1, 2001 —
  * All existing calendars were replaced with calendars containing dates solely on or above January 1, 3000; calendar watches were advanced, ‘expired’ food items were thrown away;
  * appointments were scheduled, subscriptions extended, contracts signed, and a few post-dated checks were written;
  * A ‘New Millenium’ party was held the night before testing, to simulate predicted Millennial state of readiness;
  * All lights & air-handling systems were turned off, to simulate predicted Millennial failures. Water was shut off, the cable was disconnected. No one ordered out for lunch.
  * Documents previously printed by xerography, thermography, and offset processes were meticulously examined for failure or reduced quality; no problems were found;
  * Power was restored, and new documents (containing both pre- and post-1-1-3000 dates) were printed and examined; again, no problems in quality or accuracy of information were found.
  Based on this research, we are confident in stating that all inks, papers, and packaging used by Presto Print, Inc. are indeed “Year 3000 Compliant” and should not be cause for concern.
  Additionally, the Bunn coffee maker, AbsoPure water dispenser, Sunset trash dumpsters, and various Presto promotional items (hats and towels) also passed stringent tests.
  Oh yeah... those computer things. The vendor for the propietary order entry system assures us that all systems are go for Y3K. Our Macintoshes have been ready since for Y3K since 1991. Our Microsoft rep assures that the company's world takeover will be complete well before then, and while there is not yet a firm policy on how Y3K dates will be handled, she assures us that whatever system is released it will be secure, accurate, and available for use on an affordable annual-renewal basis.
  While we are confident that every effort has been made to make Presto fully ‘Y3K-compliant,’ we'll follow the lead of major global corporations by offering a disclaimer.


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