Presto Print, Inc.


Presto Print runs three 1- and 2-color offset presses with a full range of spot colors & stock sizes. Supported by complete cutting, drilling, and other bindery services, we can give you timely press runs of a few hundred to hundreds of thousands. And of course, delivery is free.

Going to Press!

For the best mix of quality and cost, nothing beats offset press work. We can work from your camera-ready copy or do the paste-up for you. If your work is computerized (or if you'd like it to be), our typsetting department will produce high-resolution plates from your files or ours. Each of our press bids is designed to give you the quality you need with a minimum of time and cost; from 1,000 to 100,000 impressions, from one color to a dozen.

Press Quality

Press operators have a simple goal: make it good, and make it fast. Making that happen is a skillfull balancing of ink, paper, plate, and press. Our operators have years of experience with all manner of ink chemistries and colors, stock finishes and weights, plate materials, bleeds, overprints... all the factors that affect the quality and delivery of your print job.

Paper Selection

We stock hundreds of the most popular papers, covers, and envelopes; a huge assortment is available with a two-day lead time. If you're not sure what you want, or want to make a change, stop by the shop and browse our samples from mills all around the world. We can also advise you on layout, cutting, and other factors to get the most out of your paper dollars ;)


We work with a full range of Pantone colors, and specialty inks such as metallics and fluorescents. Custom colors mixed from our stock inks are also available for a slight charge. We do not print ‘process’ or ‘CMYK’ colors—but no matter your color needs, we're happy to split work with your full-color vendor so that your job gets the needed big shop capabilities, without losing small shop cost & quality.
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